Community Farmers - personal information

We ask that you provide us with this information prior to volunteering at The Community Farm.

We collect this information to help us:
(a) provide a safe, suitable and enjoyable environment for our volunteers;
(b) find ways to reduce the environmental impact of travel to and from the farm;
(c) develop and publicise the work of the farm.

A form should be completed for each adult volunteering at the Farm. If children are attending with you, please include any information relevant to them within your form.

The information in this form will be treated confidentially and only relevant farm staff members will have access to it. However, if you agree to share a lift to the Farm, we may share just your name, email address and phone number with other volunteers to help you arrange your lift share.
* indicates required
A number (preferably mobile) we can contact you on shortly before an event in case of any last minute changes.
should we need to contact you at short notice prior to the event
  • The Community Farm would love to contact you by email, but we need your permission to do so. By staying in touch with us, you can be assured we will provide you with inspiring updates, news about The Farm, event alerts and other relevant marketing. Please tick all that apply. Yes, you can contact me via:

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